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The Potential of Psychedelic Medicine to Transform Mental Health Treatment

In this presentation, Cosmo Feilding-Mellen, co-founder and chief executive of Oxford-based psychedelic medicine company Beckley Psytech will take stock of the current psychedelic innovation landscape and the vast potential for psychedelic treatments in healthcare.


Uncovering the Lineage of Extraction and the Future of the Craft

The principles of extraction are quite simple and frequently used in our daily lives. When you brew a pot of coffee or make a cup of tea, the principles of chemical separation are occurring where you are splitting compounds such as the aroma, flavor, and nutrients from the organic matter. In chemistry, extraction consists of removing desired and sometimes undesirable constituents from a given matrix via a chemical or physical mechanism. There are several methods of extraction including but not limited to liquid-liquid, solid phase, supercritical & subcritical fluid, ultrasound- & microwave- assisted and solventless mechanical extraction.