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Start Clean and Stay Clean: Strategies to Clean Up Post-Harvest Microbial Contamination Across the Cannabis Supply Chain

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Published: Mar 25, 2020   

Meeting government microbial bioburden standards can be challenging, especially for flower. There are, however, safe and effective treatments that enable plant material to pass state limits on microbial contamination. In this webinar we will be exploring these treatments including ozone, microwaves and irradiation. In addition, we will look at approaches for maintaining low levels of microbes once the materials are on the shelf. These methods can be used in concert to ensure compliance and healthful products along the entire supply chain. Adopting the proper strategy assures quality of the product, as well as maximizing public safety and profits

This webinar will discuss:

  • State limits for cannabis microbial contamination
  • Safe and effective treatments for remediation of microbes
  • Strategies to limit microbial contamination in cannabis crop
  • Methods to ensure compliance along the entire cannabis supply chain

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