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Standard Test Methods Making Gains on the ‘Runaway Train’ of Regulations!

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Published: May 04, 2022   

Cannabis-testing regulations took off well before the implications of testing requirements were realized. And the regulations have swayed and been moving targets for laboratories fervently trying to do the “right thing” of balancing testing requirements, regulatory specifications, customer needs, maintain scientific integrity, and ensuring a profitable business. Long-standing science organizations have been struggling to catch up to regulations and to help guide laboratories and regulatory bodies to establish standard analytical test methods based on sound scientific principles.

During this webinar we will discuss:

  • Laboratory cannabis testing issues that should be fundamentally understood by all yet are considered controversial by some.
  • Case studies revealing conflicts between fundamental chemistry, regulations, customers, and business models.
  • The key organizations in pursuit of reputable, expert-driven and expert-vetted test methods to provide a level ‘playing field’ to the best extent possible.

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