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Drug Testing in Hair - Applications and the Experience in Brazil

This webinar will discuss the technology of hair testing and present on the situation in Brazil. There is consequently, a very large number of hair tests taking place, and laboratories must meet the need for high throughput and sensitivity.

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Improved Pesticide Quantitation in Cannabis Products with LC-MS/MS and Advanced MRM Scheduling Algorithms

With the increasing legalization of cannabis globally, there has been a substantial need for robust and reliable analytical techniques to ensure the safety of the products used by consumers.

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Improving Efficiency in Analytical Cannabis Laboratories

In this presentation we’ll explore what it takes to improve efficiencies when operating an analytical cannabis laboratory. We’ll explore the economics of laboratory testing and examine the impact that factors such as workflow, labor, equipment, inventory, and other contributors can have on operations, moral, and your bottom line

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Challenging Bites! Strategies for Quantitative Analysis of Cannabinoids in Edible Dosage Forms

Edible products infused with cannabinoids represent an area of great interest in both medicinal and adult use cannabis markets. The oral route of administration avoids the risks of smoking and produces a distinct pharmacokinetic profile from smoking or vaporization.

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Standards and Controls for High Quality Pesticide Analysis in Cannabis and Cannabis Resins

Join this webinar for a discussion about the chemical and physical challenges in testing cannabis for pesticides, appropriate controls, and standards for analytical method performance, quality control, traceability and benchmarking.

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Optimize This! Enhancing the Quality and Consistency of Cannabis and Extraction

Everyone makes the best extracts. But are they optimized? And what does “the best” mean; does it mean high yield, high quality, or both? And what is quality anyway? Quality begins in the cultivation process and continues throughout the handling of the product from seed to sale.

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Ensuring Data Integrity and Facilitating Compliance with ISO 17025

This webinar will describe the data integrity guidance documents from the MHRA, FDA, EMA and WHO and the recent changes that were implemented in ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

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Quantifying Cannabinoids in Oral Fluid to Determine Driving Impairment Following Marijuana Consumption

In this webinar Dr. Philip Sobolesky will present the University of California's method validation consisting of quantifying ten different cannabinoid compounds in oral fluid by HPLC-MS/MS.

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Starting a Third Party Analytical Laboratory in the Cannabis Industry

In this webinar we will explore the intricacies of starting a third-party testing laboratory in the cannabis industry.

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