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Interactive Cost Calculator for Potency by HPLC & HPLC Selection Guide

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Published: Nov 09, 2020   

This webinar will showcase the latest tools from Agilent available for your use. Firstly, the Potency Analysis Cost Calculator –the interactive online tool that determines the costs of using an HPLC for cannabinoids potency testing. As a cannabis testing laboratory, you can estimate the potential revenue generated running HPLC methods for cannabinoids.

As a manufacturer, you can estimate savings that can be recognized by testing products internally, using your own HPLC with Agilent’s potency methodology. Secondly, a selection guide will be presented to help you understand how to choose the right HPLC/technology to analyze cannabinoids in your organization – whether you are a grower, a small start-up lab, a manufacturer, or an advanced lab.

Key points: 

  • The latest tools from Agilent including the Potency Analysis Cost Calculator 
  • Potential revenue generation opportunities running HPLC methods for cannabinoids
  • A selection guide to help you choose which HPLC technology is right for your operation

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