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Innovations in Post-Harvest Technology and Processes

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Published: Sep 09, 2022   

Post-harvest processing is a critical step within cannabis extraction and can alter secondary metabolite profiles which presents sizable challenges to industrial scale producers of pharmaceutical grade consumer products. The optimization of post-harvest practices along the cannabis product value chain will be explored. Emphasis will be placed on the drying and extraction methods utilized by operators across the cannabis industry, allowing for a better understanding of how the different technologies and plants inter-relate, translating to optimized post-harvest processing to ensure quality and safety.

This exclusive Analytical Cannabis webinar features talks focused on these challenges and how new solutions are helping to address this dynamic area.

Attend this extended webinar to:

  • Learn about recent advances in post-harvest processing
  • Explore the challenges and limitations of existing processes and technologies
  • Get an exclusive insight into the future developments of post-harvest processing

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