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The Science of Cannabis Testing 2022 Online Symposium

Now in its sixth year, this industry leading event continues to shine a light on the hottest topics and emerging trends in the cannabis testing lab.

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Advances in Psilocybin Research

Join us for an exclusive extended webinar focusing on the recent advances in psilocybin research.


Analytical Cannabis Expo Europe Online 2022

The third annual Analytical Cannabis Expo Europe will provide a platform for the discussion of the latest trends and developments in cannabis regulation and testing.

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Data Management Solutions for the Cannabis Testing Lab

Join us for an extended webinar focusing on data management solutions for the cannabis testing laboratory.

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Mapping the Future of Psychedelics: Deconstructing Powerful Drugs To Make Better Medicine

Join us on June 22 with Boris Heifets, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of the Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine, who will explore the future of psychedelic medicine.

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The Science of Cannabis Extraction 2022

Returning for its fourth year, this free to attend event will provide a platform for the discussion of the latest innovations in all aspects of cannabis and hemp extraction and processing.

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Standard Test Methods Making Gains on the ‘Runaway Train’ of Regulations!

Join Susan Audino, PhD, Chemistry Laboratory Consultant at S. Audino & Associates, LLC, who will be presenting an update on cannabis standard test methods for 2022 as well as exploring the key organizations in pursuit of reputable, expert-driven and expert-vetted test methods to provide a level ‘playing field’ to the best extent possible.

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