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Standard Test Methods Making Gains on the ‘Runaway Train’ of Regulations!

Join Susan Audino, PhD, Chemistry Laboratory Consultant at S. Audino & Associates, LLC, who will be presenting an update on cannabis standard test methods for 2022 as well as exploring the key organizations in pursuit of reputable, expert-driven and expert-vetted test methods to provide a level ‘playing field’ to the best extent possible.


Genomic tools for Psilocybe cubensis propagation

Kevin McKernan, CSO at Medicinal Genomics will be joining us to discuss genetic variation in the Psilocybe cubensis synthesis pathway and the design of qPCR assays for simultaneous quantification of E. coli and Salmonella species contamination concurrent with Psilocybe cubensis species identification.

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Reliable Classification of Cannabis Varietals and Potential for Desirable Medicinal and Agronomic Effects

Speaking at the recent Analytical Cannabis Expo North America in March 2022, Don Land, PhD, Chief Scientific Consultant from Steep Hill, presented his talk on categorizing cannabis cultivars based on their genetic and chemical content.

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The Next Step in Cannabis Potency Applications: Analyzing Cannabinoids by LC/MS

Speaking at the Analytical Cannabis Expo North America 2022 back in March 2022, Brian Whiteley Application Scientist at Agilent presented his talk on adapting and optimizing HPLC methodology, including mass spectrometry.

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Analytical Tools for Characterizing Cannabinoids for Quality, Safety, and Research Purposes

Speaking at the recent Analytical Cannabis Expo North America in March 2022, Emily Britton, PhD, Senior Marketing Manager for Food & Natural Products at Waters, presented her talk on fit-for-purpose cannabis analytical tools.

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Discussion on Approaches to Simplify Pesticide & Mycotoxin Testing in a ISO17025 Cannabis or Hemp Laboratory

Speaking at the recent Analytical Cannabis Expo North America in March 2022, Toby Astill, PhD, Global Market Manager – Cannabis & Hemp at PerkinElmer, presented his talk on strategies to simplify testing processes.

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The Analytical Landscape of Cannabis Testing, Session 4: Residual Solvents & Terpenes by GC-MS

Kirk will talk about headspace sampling and GC-MS measurement of residual solvents using the JEOL JMS-Q1500GC quadrupole GC-MS system, and how the technique can meet California’s minimum reporting limits.

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