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Words & Weed: Conceptual issues with cannabis and cannabinoids terminology

Published: Feb 24, 2023   

In late 2020, the article "Cannabis' ontologies I: Conceptual issues with Cannabis and cannabinoids terminology" was published. Partly sourced in advocacy involvement at the United Nations level, and in global-scale historical research, the paper discusses a number of problems with the often weak, ambiguous, or inconsistent terms used in a number of fields and scientific disciplines. Existing nomenclatures often conflict by adopting idiosyncratic, partial, outdated, or utilitarian schemes in an attempt to arrange the vast number and diversity of C.sativa derivatives and cannabinoids.

This talk will present "Cannabis' ontologies I" and expand on a number of findings, e.g. the hypothesis of parthenocarpy, the concept of neocannabinoids, and the confusions around the international non-proprietary name dronabinol.

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