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Variations in Microbial Testing Requirements Across the U.S.

Published: Apr 15, 2022   

Speaking at the Analytical Cannabis Expo East Online 2020 in October, Josh Smith, CEO & Chief Scientist at Premium CBD Labs, presented his talk on microbial testing of cannabis.

Microbial Testing requirements vary in the US from state to state and the type of cannabis your crop or product is derived from. From overly generic such as “total aerobic” to using DNA based methods to test for E. coli O157:H7 and even all the way to …. nothing at all. Why do these tests matter, what do they actually tell you and how did the states decide on them? In the end, do they make sense? When a major problem with the cannabis industry is a resurgence of the black market and compliance costs for legal products, it’s worth reviewing these kinds of requirements and asking if we have picked the right monitoring tests to make these products safe for consumption.

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