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The Peaks and Valleys of Starting a Cannabis Testing Facility

Published: Feb 28, 2023   

Speaking back in April 2022, Ini Afia, Stephen Goldman and Carl Christianson presented this panel discussion exploring the difficulties of running a cannabis testing facility.

Abstract: As regulated medical and recreational markets continue their expansion within the United

States, all with unique regulatory environments, so does the growing need for reputable and reliable testing laboratories. Though regulatory structures are beginning to coalesce around a common set of standards, variation still remains, creating unique challenges for each new lab, whether a completely new business entity or an expansion of an existing multi-state operator (MSO). Scientific entrepreneurs on this panel will use their experience of being integral members of multiple start-up labs on both the East and West coasts to discuss the commonalities that all testing labs face, and dive into some of the more important points of emphasis for newly operating labs. Particular attention will be paid to strategies around choosing instrumentation and getting operational quickly, tips for achieving ISO/IEC

17025 accreditation efficiently, the importance of building a diverse team from a number of

backgrounds, and a discussion of some upcoming challenges facing our segment of the cannabis

industry. This panel will focus on the above-mentioned areas of interest, while reacting to and engaging with audience questions pertaining to the analytical testing segment overall.

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