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Sustainable Large Scale Solventless Processing for Mature Markets

Published: Oct 14, 2021   

Speaking at The Science of Cannabis Extraction 2021 online symposium, Thomas Rosengren, Chief Technical Officer at Alchemy 29 presented his talk on solventless extraction.

Abstract: Solventless technology can offer the same suite of derivative products as more commonly employed solvent-dependent methods. While hydrocarbon-based methods certainly offer consumers high quality extracts and concentrates, highly trained labor is a requirement, and some view the environmental impacts of hydrocarbon-based extraction with caution. Typical sift methods have been employed for thousands of years across myriad applications. Taking what works and doing it at scale, and with an eye of keeping overall cost low, is not so straight forward. Future proofing your extraction, with a focus on solvent free methods, requires pivoting to a new generation of cannabis processing equipment coupled with ultra-low cost sustainable and organic cultivation practices. Large scale solventless technology can absolutely deliver connoisseur grade six star hash, as well as a full suite of truly full spectrum, strain specific intermediates and finished goods enabling service to the industry today as well as creating process trains for any commoditized or regulatory future.

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