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Superior Live Terpene Extraction for True-to-Flower Experience

Published: Oct 21, 2021   

Speaking at The Science of Cannabis Extraction 2021 online symposium, Luca Bertoli, Product Specialist from our event sponsor, Milestone, presented his talk on terpene extraction.

Abstract: As the cannabis market expands and consistently new brands show up, cannabis consumers are nowadays becoming more and more picky seeking for personalized cannabis experiences. Producing just a generic strong high effect is no longer sufficient to meet the demand of the market, though the high effect must be “wheeled” towards the palate’s specific preference and a targeted desired effect. In this context terpenes are the cornerstone ingredient that come into play to produce functional and tailor-made cannabis-based products, such as vape pens. The ETHOS X line is the latest family of products designed to capture all pivotal live terpenes coming from fresh flowers to develop strain specific, targeted, and functional cannabis consumer products.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • - Understand the critical role the terpene profile has nowadays to market a successful consumer product.
  • - See the science behind microwave terpene extraction, and why it’s ideal for developing true-to-flower experience cannabis vape cartridges.
  • - Discover how microwave extraction works and how easy can be integrated in your extraction process.
  • - Learn how microwave technology provides improved return on investment for your cannabis processing needs.

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