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qPCR Testing for microbial contaminants in Cannabis and Cannabis-infused products

Published: Dec 24, 2020   

Real-time PCR is the method of choice for contemporary microbiological quality analysis of cannabis products. Its reliability is already proven for many years for analysis of food products and beverages, outcompeting traditional culture in both specificity and sensitivity. With the ever increasing amount of cannabis-infused products on the market, BIOTECON Diagnostics as long standing partner in the food safety diagnostic industry can bring all its experience to the market. Matrices in Cannabis and Cannabis-infused products can range from pure plant materials with lots of secondary metabolites to highly processed products, such as gummy bears and brownies. The sheer variety of matrices are challenging to come by, especially in regards to sample preparation and DNA extraction in many labs. The efficient removal of dead cell background, where necessary, and PCR-inhibitors during extraction is what sets BIOTECON’s extraction apart. As a leader in viability PCR, BIOTECON’s Reagent D eliminates dead microbes from the PCR, enabling results that perfectly match traditional culture. With over 20 years of experience in real-time PCR analysis, BIOTECON Diagnostics has assembled a portfolio of open-platform cannabis testing solutions combining highest sensitivity, specificity, speed and convenience that perfectly fits the needs of any lab. This includes our unique foodproof Yeast and Mold Quantification LyoKit and our brand new multiplex kit for Aspergillus detection and identification. With its long standing history and experience in real-time PCR based kits, BIOTECON Diagnostics is a pioneer and a premier partner to support clients in the Cannabis industry to ensure product safety.

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