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How Accurate Are My Lab’s Microbiology Results? Ensuring the Fitness for Purpose of Your Cannabis Micro Methods

Published: Mar 09, 2022   

The cannabis industry is in the midst of an evolution as more and more states have approved its use medicinally or recreationally. This has resulted in analytical testing of cannabis being one of the fastest growing segments in laboratory testing. However, the absence of federal testing guidelines has led to the emergence of a patchwork of state-by-state regulations. State regulators requires that methods be scientifically suitable, or “fit for purpose”, but this definition is broad and laboratories are left with little guidance on what makes a method “fit for purpose” in practical terms. Most commonly used pathogen or spoilage organism methods have undergone internal evaluations by method developers. These validations focus on sensitivity, robustness, and inclusivity and exclusivity of the assay target(s) but vary in scope and rigor and often lack third party independent evaluations. This presentation will identify key aspects of method evaluation including validation and verification guidance so that laboratories can ensure their methods are accurate for the commodities they analyze.  

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