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Gene Networks and Marker Assisted Breeding: Understanding both and using them to your advantage

Published: Dec 27, 2019   

Cannabis information and breeding programs tend to focus on THC and CBD and to a lesser extent the minor cannabinoids that are already known like THCV and to an even lesser extent CBC and CBG. Similarly, very little is known about the breadth of terpenes in the various strains and their biological relevance. This same lack of knowledge is also seen in other biologically relevant compounds from Cannabis, like Flavonoids, Anthocyanadins, Carotenoids, as well as many other compounds involved in flavor, odor and potentially effect. Many if not all of these compounds start from a common precursor, and many if not all of these compounds show differences that can be parsed along the lines of lineage/genetics.

This talk will focus on the power of marker-assisted breeding and how that can be utilized in conjunction with the ever-expanding genes and metabolic networks to which these genes contribute. Data will be presented that looks at the relationship between metabolic pathways and work being done to elucidate additional breeding markers in these pathways.

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