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From Leaf to Consumer Product, Utilizing HPLC Through the Entire Development Cycle

Published: Mar 29, 2023   

The consumer base for hemp and high-THC cannabis products is expanding as is the desire to utilize products containing specific cannabinoids.  Consumers desire consistent products.  Monitoring cannabinoid production through the entire workflow is critical to enable production of these products.  We use HPLC to monitor the entire process.  We begin screening leaf samples from our breeding program in immature plants to determine cannabinoid predisposition enabling rapid decisions within our breeding program.  Will the plant make THCA, CBVA or CBDA (or any of the other of the over 100 cannabinoids)?  The plants that survive the initial cut, will be carried forward, monitored through flowering and potentially scaled for commercial release.  Once a plant is deemed to be commercially viable and released, the crop requires monitoring to determine the optimal time to harvest.   After harvest, the biomass, extraction and final products all have to be tested.  Follow us through the entire path from breeding a plant, to scaling production to monitoring manufacturing tolerances of a commercial product.  

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