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Developing Testing Standards to Ensure Safety for Heated Inhalant Based Consumer Products

Published: Aug 22, 2022   

Speaking at The Science of Cannabis Testing 2021 online symposium, Robert O'Brien, PhD, Founder and CEO of Supra Research and Development presented his talk on developing testing standards for heated inhalant products.

Abstract: There are many cannabis products that are intended to be consumed as vapors after being heated to high temperatures. At elevated temperatures the chemical components of the cannabis material and any additives that are heated can undergo a number of chemical processes to generate a mixture of chemical agents that are inhaled by the consumer. It is critically important to understand the nature of the vapors that can be consumed and to take appropriate action to reduce or eliminate toxic chemical agents that could cause harm to consumers. Our research team has developed screening “stress tests” for ingredients and formulations to identify and eliminate those materials that can generate hazardous chemical agents. We are also working on sampling methodologies to measure vapors produced by the devices commonly used by consumers to understand the natures of the chemical agents delivered to the consumers.

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