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Challenging Bites! Strategies for Quantitative Analysis of Cannabinoids in Edible Dosage Forms

Published: Oct 30, 2019   

Edible products infused with cannabinoids represent an area of great interest in both medicinal and adult-use cannabis markets. The oral route of administration avoids the risks of smoking and produces a distinct pharmacokinetic profile from smoking or vaporization. As markets grow, infused edible products are becoming more complex to include cookies, candies, drinks, ice-cream, capsules, pet-treats, and beyond. Accurate quantitative analysis of cannabinoid content in these complex matrices can present difficult analytical problems. Matrices vary widely in their content of fat, sugar, protein, and moisture as well as content of potential interfering components like excipients or nutritional supplements. Developing a robust method of sample preparation and analysis is crucial to meeting these challenges.

In this webinar, Rebecca Stevens from Proverde Labs discusses the importance of sampling, comminution, and specification setting, chemical principals of matrix disruption and effective cannabinoid extraction, HPLC considerations for high complexity samples and validation and dose uniformity studies.

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