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Challenges, Gains and Moving Forward to Competent Cannabis Testing

Published: Oct 09, 2019   

The cannabis industry is federally unregulated and in many cases under-regulated by states in which medicinal and/or adult consumption is sanctioned. State regulatory bodies are increasingly favoring mandatory product testing for such things as constituent potency, solvent residue, pesticide residue, mycotoxin, and microbiologic contaminants.

Cultivators and distributors are being pressed to have their products analyzed, yet there are no standard or consensus methods available to the cannabis industry. Analytical technologies used for this industry are no different than those used in other applied areas. The fundamental difference, however, is about technical competence.

The cannabis industry continues to witness good analytical methodologies performed by inadequately trained personnel and used for unintended purposes, compromising the integrity of test results.

Speaking in 2017, Susan Audino P.h.D., Lead Auditor from A2LA discusses the key analytical trends in the cannabis industry, the challenges analysts and regulatory bodies continue to face and the basic framework and benefits of moving testing laboratories toward ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation.

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