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Cannabis and Hemp Sample Preparation for Analytical Analyses

Published: Apr 30, 2020   

The food and pharmaceutical industries established methods for pesticide testing many years ago. However, cannabis is unique in that it contains over 500 compounds not found in other fruits and vegetables. The traditional extraction methods employed by the food industry simply do not work for cannabis flower or extracts. Because of the lack of scientific research that has been done in cannabis analytics, this nascent industry has forced scientists to independently carry out method development, often with little to no guidance.

In the analytical realm, these circumstances lead to one of the more interesting challenges faced by cannabis scientists today. The variety of products we see on a weekly basis is staggering. Besides your traditional flower and extracts, we test lotions and salves, tinctures and bath bombs, cookies and cake balls. All of these products present unique challenges in extraction and analysis. Techniques can be used to mitigate the “matrix effects” that each product presents, however this comes with its own set of challenges. This webinar discussed extraction methods used in the cannabis and hemp industry and highlight strategies for mitigating matrix effects, the need for improved extraction protocols, and validated methods.

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