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Cannabinoid Plant Acids and Nutraceuticals: Effects, Methods and Myth–busting

Published: Feb 20, 2023   

Most of the attention for cannabinoid-based medicines has centered around the compounds THC and CBD (decarboxylated from the corresponding THCA and CBDA molecules). However, there is a number of studies and patient cases that make compelling arguments for the acid forms of these compounds to be used as a more effective treatment. These plant-derived acidic compounds are not available on prescriptions and therefore are not accessible on the licensed and regulated markets. Some patients have experienced life-changing benefits to their conditions using a combination of cannabinoid medicines. Here, a case study is presented, with a Crohn's Disease sufferer who was given less than 6 months to live. This case study explores the efficacy, degradation rates, and consumption methods of different forms of cannabinoid plant acids, from extracts to raw juicing, and how different symptoms and medical conditions may be improved not only by the compounds themselves but how their efficacy can be increased with the addition of nutraceuticals. 

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