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Canada’s GACP Program Meets EU and Health Canada Standards for Cannabis

Published: Apr 01, 2022   

Growing and selling Cannabis in Canada means meeting Health Canada regulatory requirements. Health Canada regulates the finished product but requires proof of due diligence throughout the whole chain. The EU (European Union) is requiring the same. So how do Cannabis companies prove they have that due diligence?

In Canada, as in the EU, industry has in place Good Agriculture and Collection Practices (GACPs). In Canada, CHSNC (Herb, Specialty Agriculture and Natural Health Product Coalition) and HSSA (Herb, Spice and Specialty Agriculture Association) have worked with Health Canada, Agriculture Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to develop internationally recognized auditable certified GACP standards for Specialty Agriculture including Cannabis.

These protocols meld seamlessly with existing or pending Good Production Practices (GPP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) up the chain. Canada’s industry-owned GACPs are also recognized as a CFIA On farm food safety program and are revalidated with CFIA every 18 months. The program covers production practices from field and greenhouse to finished product – assuring that quality assurance, product safety and traceability are in place – essential for recalls and compliance.

Canada’s GACPs have been benchmarked against the EU GACPs and exceed their standards, have mutual recognition with the United States GACPs (American Herbal Products Association) and were built with the support of the World Health Organization.

Aphria Inc. is the first large Cannabis operation to be trained, audited and certified under Canada’s GACP program.

Recently HSSA met with Jurgen Azzopardi and Aphria’s pharmaceutical division ASG in Malta to confirm Canada’s GACPs meet the EU requirements for cannabis.

“With this certification, Aphria continues to advance its commitment to the production of high-quality cannabis to exceedingly high standards for domestic and international markets,” said Jakob Ripshtein, President of Aphria. “The CHSNC and HSSA are among the leading global authorities in establishing and certifying the best practices used for growing, harvesting and processing plant-based medicines and herbs for purity, consistency and safety. Their evidence-based approach is a natural fit for ensuring the integrity of cannabis products, and we are pleased to have achieved these new standards.”

Participants in the CHSNC HACCP-based GACP program benefit greatly by reducing risks in their operations, ensuring food safety, ensuring sustainable practices and improving traceability throughout the entire value chain. For more information on how your company use Canada’s GACP to be EU and Health Canada compliant contact.

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