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Businesses and Consumers “lost in space”

Published: Sep 23, 2020   

Speaking in June 2020 at The Science of Cannabis Extraction Online Symposium, Trevor Morones from Control Point discussed how lessons from the food industry can be transferred to the growing cannabis industry.

Food safety culture sets the foundation to obtain and maintain quality with precision consistently. Customer trust, reducing unnecessary costs, and preventing operation downtime are three immediate gains. The current global state of legalization generates opportunities to cultivate, harvest, process, manufacture, and distribute cannabis. Raise the boom with an operational culture generating higher NPS (Net Promoter Scores) and retention. Be the operation legislators seek when developing statutes. Be the leader displaying standards of excellence with the value of food safety. Site-specific training for all team members is the preventative action to reduce outbreak risks and generate positive audit results. Rigorous training programs expand food/product safety knowledge, generate a more robust culture, reduce risk, and prevent contamination. By focusing on how each employee can positively impact safety through their daily actions and contribute to market value and customer satisfaction, employees take on a more reliable safety and excellence culture, resulting in higher Net Promoter Scores (NPS). Measurement is critical to quality control and ongoing excellence. Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS) provide operating structure and validate the process to prove the system is operating as intended. These proven systems operate on a foundation of integrity that mitigates risk throughout the process of a product. No doubt, the learnings there transfer to the cannabis products, especially edibles.

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