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Analysis of 66 Pesticides and 5 Mycotoxins in Cannabis with the ONE Pesticide420 Reagent Kit

Published: Apr 12, 2022   

Demand for quick turnaround time in cannabis pesticide and mycotoxin testing laboratories has never been higher as cannabis and hemp markets mature. To remain competitive in a growing market, laboratories must continue to optimize their workflows to reduce their turnaround time for their clients. In order to help laboratories reduce their lead times and improve their overall efficiency and data quality, PerkinElmer has developed the ONE Pesticide420 TM ISO 17034 Reagent Kit for labs that operate in accordance with the California, Oregon, or equivalent regulatory requirements. Our comprehensive kit was created with ease-of-use in mind to deliver rapid and reliable quantification via pre-aliquoted pesticide and mycotoxin calibration reagents.

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