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Conference Recording: Achieving the Fastest Lab Turn Around Time with a Holistic Pesticide Workflow Solution

Published: Aug 31, 2021   

Speaking in 2020 at the Analytical Cannabis Expo East Online, Dr Toby Astill, Senior Business Development Leader for Cannabis & Hemp Markets for PerkinElmer presented PerkinElmer's innovative automated workflow for pesticide analysis in cannabis.

Abstract: In the drive to continually decrease sample turnaround time while maintaining high quality data, PerkinElmer has developed unique and innovative technologies to improve the entire cannabis pesticide residue testing workflow. Specifically, after working with industry across all medical and recreational markets to understand the challenges of testing cannabis, a completely new fully automated sample preparation, reagent, and analytical workflow was developed. Material and data will be presented to show the capabilities and benefits of adding sample preparation automation (vortexing, centrifuging, filtering, dilution, etc.), with turnkey pesticide CRM standards, to an APCI/ESI LC/MSMS cannabis flower SOP supported by a Cloud-based data management software architect. Data will show that having a matrix-specific automated SOP workflow for the cannabis testing industry is key in ensuring the highest quality of cannabis reaches the patient and consumer in the shortest time possible.

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