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What Commercialization is Doing to Cannabis

Ben Cort examines the often unseen impacts of the commercial cannabis industry -- and calls on us to question those who are getting rich off of it.

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Cannabis Genetics - Past, Present and Future

Kevin Jodrey sits down with cannabis genetics experts for a conversation on cannabis strains, the future of breeding and genetics, terroir, appellation, living soil and much much more...

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Cannabis Tech Buyers Guide

Engadget presents the latest tools and tech for smoking cannabis.

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Can You Overdose On Weed?

Can you actually overdose on cannabis? The Infographics Show explores the side effects of marijuana.

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Starting a Third Party Analytical Laboratory in the Cannabis Industry

In this webinar, we explore the intricacies of starting a third-party testing laboratory in the cannabis industry.

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3 Arguments Why Marijuana Should Stay Illegal Reviewed

Kurzgesagt take a fair look at some of the best counter arguments for legalization and see how they hold up in review.

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A Doctor's Case for Medical Marijuana

Physician David Casarett only heard hype and half-truths about medical marijuana from his patients. It was time to investigate. Speaking at TEDMED, the doctor tells of his fascinating results and what mainstream medicine could learn from the marijuana dispensaries.

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Your Brain on Edible Marijuana

Edibles are renowned for their strength relative to smoking cannabis. But just how strong is strong? Here's the quick science on digestible marijuana.

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Weed and the Gym: Just the science

Legal medical Marijuana usage is on the rise, but what happens when you take it before hitting the gym. What does the science say about smoking and fitness?

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