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Quality Control of Cannabis Products Under A Pharmaceutical Model

Speaking in 2019 at the Analytical Cannabis Expo, Jose Zavaleta, Lab Director of AltaSci Labs discusses cannabis quality control methods for microbiology, heavy metals, mycotoxins, water activity, and pesticide analysis.

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Getting a Successful Start in Hemp Extraction

Laura Breit from Root Engineers & Stacey Stemach from Stemach Design discuss the basic steps required to start a successful hemp operation, including important code considerations and engineering factors.

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Microbial Contaminants: A Comparison of New and Old Methods

Amanda Horodyski, Microbiology Lab Manager at Atlantic Test Labs, INC discusses the importance of microbial cannabis testing and compares the new rapid testing options vs the traditional culture methods.

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Population Genomics of Terpenoid Synthase Genes in Landrace Varieties and Drug Cultivars

Speaking in 2019 at the Analytical Cannabis Expo, Alisha Holloway, VP Data Science at Phylos discusses current cannabis varieties and the future of targeted cannabis breeding.

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Mastering HPLC: How to develop and optimize analysis conditions

Speaking at the Analytical Cannabis Expo in 2019, Dr. Lee Polite, President & Laboratory Director of Axion Analytical Labs discusses how to optimize a HPLC method for cannabis analysis.

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Leveraging New Genome Assemblies for QTL Mapping and Gene Discovery

Speaking in 2019 at the Analytical Cannabis Expo 2019, Dr. CJ Schwartz of Sunrise Genetics discusses cannabis genetics and the need for high-quality phenotype data.

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New vs. Reconditioned Equipment-Maximizing Return on Investment for Hemp Extraction and Purification

Dr. Edward Askew from Askew Scientific Consulting explores how to select the correct extraction equipment and reviews new versus reconditioned extraction equipment for hemp extraction and purification.

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Evaluating the Volatile Constituents of Different Cannabis Varieties using Solventless Sample Preparation and Orbitrap Based MS Detection

Gyorgy Vas P.h.D., Owner of VasAnalytical discusses the use of high-resolution accurate mass-based detection in combination with various solventless sample preparation techniques as new concepts for the analysis of cannabis varieties.

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Leveraging ESI and APCI LC/MS Techniques to Meet the Most Demanding Global Cannabis & Hemp Pesticide Testing Requirements

Speaking in 2019 at the Analytical Cannabis Expo 2019, Toby Astill of PerkinElmer discusses a new LC-MS/MS method for pesticide analysis of cannabis.

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