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High Throughput Automated LC/MS Pesticide Analysis: From Cannabis Sample Prep & Dilutions to Report Generation

Toby Astill P.H.D., from PerkinElmer discusses a brand-new analytical and software workflow solution for faster cannabis testing turnaround times.

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Practical Analytical Considerations for Cannabis Producers and Processors

Taylor Trah, Formulation Director at OutCo discusses the pros and cons of in-house testing within their extraction facility, including the approaches considered and final decision.

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Getting Down in the Weeds: A brief overview of the technical and regulatory landscape of pesticide residue analysis for cannabis and derivative products

Rebecca Stevens, Analytical Chemist from ProVerde Labs discusses pesticide residue analysis and the regulatory landscape.

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Cannabis Extraction Considerations: An Overview of the Complexities of Production

Ryan Pincura from ZenLabs discusses the main considerations in cannabis extraction, such as final product, winterization, and reformulation.

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Variability in Cannabis Testing: Inter-laboratory discrepancies in test results

Speaking in 2019 at the Analytical Cannabis Expo, Dr. Chris Hudalla, Founder & Chief Scientific Officer at ProVerde Laboratories discusses the challenges in analytical cannabis testing and strategies to minimize these factors.

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Using Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technologies to Fund the De Novo Sequencing, Assembly, and Open Access Publishing of the Cannabis sativa L. Genome

Speaking in 2019 at the Analytical Cannabis Expo, Kevin McKernan, CSO & Founder of Medicinal Genomics discusses how they sequenced and assembled a comprehensive cannabis genome as a demonstrative model for a blockchain recorded peer review.

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Maximize your Profitability with Microwave Terpene Extraction

Roberto Federico-Perez, Product Specialist from Milestone discusses the importance of terpenes and the microwave extraction process.

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Analysis of Cannabinoids in Plant Materials and Biological Samples

Naren Meruva P.h.D., from Waters Corp discusses liquid chromatography as the preferred method for cannabinoid profiling and potency.

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State of the Cannabis Industry: Testing and regulations

Speaking in 2019 at the Analytical Cannabis Expo, Dr. Donald Land of Steep Hill reviews the current cannabis testing landscape and explores the proposed path forward.

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