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Deciphering the Cannabis Genome: Why Do We Care About DNA-based Testing for Cannabis?

Dr Reggie Gaudino, VP, Science, Genetics and Intellectual Property, Steep Hill speaking at The Science of Cannabis 2017 Virtual Event.

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Cannabis Laboratory Testing: A Changing Regulatory Landscape

Michelle Bradac, Senior Accreditation Officer, A2LA speaking at The Science of Cannabis 2017 Virtual Event.

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Cannabinoid Purification using CPC

Centrifugal Partition Chromatography can be used to purify cannabinoids from crude extracts of Cannabis in just one step to achieve THC-free extracts, pure cannabinoids, pharmaceutical-grade products, or standard molecules for use as reference materials or for clinical evaluation.

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Solving Residual Solvent Analysis

The method of choice for quantifying residual solvents is headspace gas chromatography, a simple technique that allows only the volatile component of the cannabis sample to be measured.

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Overcoming Cannabis Breeding Challenges with CRISPR Genome Editing

Yoav Giladi discusses how genome editing is set to change the cannabis industry.

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Cannabis and Hemp Analysis -- Test for the ENTIRE California Pesticide List at once using the PerkinElmer Qsight

Utilizing a single instrument and single prep method, our method is rapid and reliable— suitable for labs wanting to comply with stringent regulations.

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The Power of Standards in the Cannabis Industry

Lezli Engelking from the Foundation of Cannabis Unified Standards (FOCUS) explains how standards will form the bedrock of the cannabis industry.

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Why Heylo Cannabis Chose a CO2 Extraction System

Heylo Cannabis is a premium processor of cannabis in Washington State and this video covers why they decided to purchase an Eden Labs 20L5K CO2 extraction system.

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This is How THC is Concentrated During the Cannabis Extraction Process

THC safety explain how a rotavap system helps to boil off ethanol and help them work towards a high purity THC extract.

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