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Colorado Further Adds to Its List of Acceptable Cannabis Pesticides

The Colorado Department of Agriculture has once again expanded its list of pesticides approved for use on cannabis crops.

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Regulating Heavy Metal Contaminants in Cannabis: What Can be Learned from the Pharmaceutical Industry? Part 4

In the fourth part of his series, Rob Thomas examines how processors can reduce the chances of elemental contamination and outlines recent case studies where CBD product recalls were issued due to heavy metal contamination.

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Colorado Adds to List of Acceptable Cannabis Pesticides

Since the start of May this year, the state department has added nine pesticide products to the list, which now exceeds 400 compounds.

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Cannabaceae: Mapping the Cannabis Family Tree

For those curious about the history of this plant, Analytical Cannabis delves into its evolution and taxonomic classification.

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US Cannabis Research Is Violating International Law, DEA Memo Reveals

The Department of Justice advised the DEA to take full responsibility of marijuana cultivation back in 2018, the memo reveals.

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Lebanon Legalizes Medical Cannabis Cultivation

Although cannabis has a long history of being openly cultivated in some regions of Lebanon, the practice was still strictly prohibited.

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AOAC Approves Method for Measuring THC in Hemp

The validation will now let labs evaluate hemp for THC on a dry-weight basis, as required by the 2018 Farm Bill.

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Cannabis Waste Management: What Do Companies Need to Know?

Crop trimmings, discarded extraction chemicals, trashed testing samples, these are the pieces of debris the cannabis industry leaves behind. And if not properly disposed of, their chemical residues could pose serious environmental risks to nearby surroundings. So what can be done?

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Two Canadian Cannabis Companies Partner up to Create New Cannabis Cultivation Standards

PremierTech and Purplefarm Genetics aim to create an unparalleled standard of cannabis cultivation.

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