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Analysis of Plant Materials for Toxic and Nutritional Elements with the NexION 350 ICP-MS

This work discusses the analysis of hops (as a surrogate for cannabis) for both toxic and nutritional elements with ICP-MS.

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Analysis of Cannabinoids in Hemp Seed Oils by HPLC Using PDA Detection

In this application note, we describe a technique for the monitoring of six cannabinoids, including THC and CBD, in hemp seed oil by HPLC combined with PDA detection.

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Cannabis Analysis: Potency Testing Identification and Quantification of THC and CBD by GC/FID and GC/MS

This application note will concentrate on the potency identification and quantification of THC and CBD in cannabis by Gas Chromatography.

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Industrial Evaporation & Chromatography: Ideal Combination for Cannabis Processing

Concentration and separation of various cannabinoids (e.g. CBD, THC) in cannabis processing.

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A Closer Look at Cannabis Testing

This white paper looks at the findings of a 2014 tour of medicinal marijuana businesses in the State of Oregon where Shimadzu Marketing Managers learned about the key ascpects of the cannabis industry.

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Pesticide Use on Cannabis

This paper presents data indicating that pesticide use is widespread in the Cannabis industry, and that pesticide residue on retail Cannabis products is often found at levels exceeding the allowable levels on any agricultural product.

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Microbiological Safety Testing of Cannabis

Our approach in this white paper is try to balance these needs by giving recommendations that will exceed the public health protections in other industries, but not by more than is reasonable or necessary.

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Screening Medical Marijuana for Pesticides by GC-MS/MS

This poster describes streamlined method development process for analysis of pesticide residues in MM using a QuEChERS sample preparation method, followed by GC-MS/MS detection and quantitation.

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Quantitation of Terpenes in Cannabis Products Using the Triple Quad™ 3500 LC-MS/MS System

Here, we present an LC-MS/MS method that uses atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (APCI) and the budget-friendly SCIEX Triple Quad™ 3500 LCMS/ MS system for the analysis of terpenes (major determinant of aroma) in cannabis products.

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