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Cannabis Edibles: Getting the Munchies for Science

In this special podcast collaboration with Technology Networks, we hear how cannabis edibles affect our bodies and brains and how the growing demand for edibles will see the creation of cannabis drinks and restaurants. Please bring snacks.

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RotaChrom Technologies Completes CPC Separation With Food-Grade Solvents

The company has successfully completed centrifugal partition chromatography separation utilizing a food-grade solvent system for purification on their technology platform.

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Bio-Rad's Aspergillus PCR Detection Kit Receives AOAC International Approval

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. today announced that AOAC INTERNATIONAL has approved its Aspergillus Real-Time PCR Detection Kit for the detection of four hazardous Aspergillus species.

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The Importance of Pursuing a Pesticide-Free Cannabis Industry

As cannabis enters the mainstream, the sector is embracing pesticide-free solutions on a broad, scalable level, writes Justin Sanchez, co-founder of Terra Vera.

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The Potential of Psychedelic Medicine to Transform Mental Health Treatment

Learn about the focus of current psychedelic research efforts and where the most promising progress is being made in this exciting area of drug discovery and development.

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Why Good Manufacturing Practices Will Play a Central Role in the Global Cannabis Industry

There’s a lot of buzz around good manufacturing practices (GMP) in the cannabis industry. But why are they so needed? And how are they best implemented? Dr Kimberly Ross, chief science officer at Peak Compliance, answers all these questions and more in this original Analytical Cannabis list.

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The Challenges of Measuring Heavy Metal Contaminants in Cannabis Vaping Aerosols

This white paper examines the fundamentals of vaping and in particular the process of converting a liquid into an aerosol and highlights the challenges of monitoring elemental contaminants in the vaping aerosol as opposed to the vaping liquid.

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Advances in Cannabis Extraction and Processing

Our latest eBook, Advances in Cannabis Extraction and Processing, offers a collection of features on some of the most exciting innovations in cannabis and hemp extraction, and exclusive interviews from the people making them happen.

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Debunked – The Truth Behind Pesticide Testing

This webinar summary helps to dispel the myths about residual pesticide testing in cannabis and cannabinoid products.

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