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4 Key Cannabis Contaminants and How to Find Them

Cannabis contaminants can be life-threatening for vulnerable patients and consumers. To learn the top pollutants to look out for and how to find them, check out Analytical Cannabis' latest list.

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Analytical Cannabis Expo 2019 - Wrap Up

Check out this infographic for an overview of who came to the inaugural Analytical Cannabis Expo, what was discussed and why our attendees loved the event.

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Dewaxing Cannabis: Temperature & Extraction Guidelines

Download this free guide to learn more about the importance of dewaxing cannabis, separating lipids and waxes from cannabinoids, and the techniques involved in dewaxing.

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Trends in Cannabis Extraction

Download this eBook to keep up-to-date with key themes and advances in the world of cannabis extraction science.

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Sample Preparation for Successful Cannabis Testing

Often overlooked, but always critical, effective sample preparation is essential when conducting any form of analytical procedure in the lab.

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Metals Analysis in Cannabis – Instrumentation & Techniques

Download this poster to learn how to prepare samples for heavy metal analysis, and the various techniques currently being used within this field.

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HPLC vs. CPC for Cannabis Testing: Choose the Right Method for Your Purification Needs

Download this article to learn more about these methods and what differences to take into consideration during cannabis testing.

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