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The Best of Analytical Cannabis 2019

Download the all-encompassing ebook to view some of the best content from Analytical Cannabis across 2019.

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5 Challenges in Cannabis Extraction

Cannabis extraction can be a costly process, peppered with opportunities for error. So whether extracting a personal tincture or running an industrial process, it’s important to know the challenges ahead.

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Advances in Cannabis Cultivation Science

As more land than ever before becomes dedicated to legal cannabis farming, new growers across the US are in need of some serious cultivation education.

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Advances in Cannabis Testing

Download this eBook to stay up to date with key themes and advances in the world of cannabis testing and science.

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Tackle Emerging Cannabis Regulations with Confidence

Download this free application note to discover how time-of-flight mass spectrometry can help you analyze pesticide residues in tricky cannabis matrices.

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3 Common Microbial Cannabis Contaminants

Analytical Cannabis sifts through all separate state requirements to list the three most commonly cited ghastly germs every cannabis lab should be checking for.

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Take Charge of Your Hemp and Cannabis Potency Analysis

Download this technical note to learn the key advantages of this single-dilution combined LC-UV-MS/MS analysis method for cannabinoid detection.

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Quantification of Cannabinoids in Industrial Hemp Using the Agilent 1220 Infinity II LC System

Download this application note to discover how Agilent can help you separate targeted cannabinoids, offers reliable profiling, and much more!

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