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Does Syringe Filtration Impact Recovery of Cannabinoids Prior to Potency Testing?

In this application note, discover whether syringe filters can be used to successfully quantify cannabinoids.

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Cambium Analytica Relies on Instruments and Expertise from Agilent

Download this case study to discover how the cannabis testing lab Cambium Analytica were licensed and validated within three months.

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Summit Research Issues Two Patents on Short Path Distillation Technologies

Summit has received two additional US patents for its short path distillation equipment.

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Chromatography Profiling in the Cannabis Lab

It’s crucial that cannabis labs have effective, preventative maintenance programs for their instruments. Read about all these tips and more in this Analytical Cannabis list.

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Analytical Cannabis Online Expo West 2020 - Wrap Up

Following the success of our online event and lots of positive feedback, Analytical Cannabis is delighted to provide you with a post-event infographic for the Analytical Cannabis Online Expo West 2020.

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Agricor Launches Free Homogeneity Calculator For Cannabis-infused Products

The homogeneity calculator allows manufacturers to quickly determine if their infused-product’s homogeneity achieves the target “relative standard deviation” set by Colorado MED regulation.

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Selecting Microwave Digestion Technology for Measuring Heavy Metals in Cannabis Products

Download this guide to help you determine which type of microwave digestion technology is most suited to your samples and workload.

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Ensure the Safety and Quality of Cannabis- and Hemp-based Products

Download our brochure to learn about the recommended instrument configurations and software for each cannabis and hemp analytical workflow.

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