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Cannabis Analyzer for Potency

Mar 01, 2020

Cannabis Analyzer for Potency
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The Cannabis Analyzer for Potency captures the spirit of an Analyzer - a comprehensive package integrating instrument hardware, software, consumables, and analytical workflow. Also included is a certified reference material (CRM) mixture of target compounds. The solution is ready to use after one day of installation and testing and requires no time-consuming method development on the part of the analyst.

There is a choice of three proven methods:

High Throughput HPLC Method Package – Designed for analysis of the 10 most commonly requested cannabinoids in under 8 minutes. This is the original method developed by Shimadzu in collaboration with industry laboratories. (Does not include THCV.)

High Sensitivity HPLC Method Package – Adds THCV to the target analyte list, with an instrument cycle time of under 10 minutes. The short analysis time produces the sharpest chromatographic peaks for the best overall sensitivity.

High Resolution HPLC Method Package – Presents full baseline resolution for all 11 compounds and an analysis time under 30 minutes. This method is preferred for research purposes, or when additional compounds must be added to the analysis in response to new state regulatory requirements.

Custom software simplifies the process from analysis to reporting for all users, regardless of experience or chromatography knowledge.

Company Details:

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments
7102 Riverwood Drive,
MD 21046
Tel: +1 410-381-1227
Fax: +1 410-381-1222
Email: kgmclaughlin@shimadzu.com

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