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AOAC Cannabis and Hemp Proficiency Testing


Published: Oct 18, 2022   
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AOAC INTERNATIONAL and Signature Science, LLC, have entered a three-year memorandum of understanding under which Signature Science will produce hemp and cannabis proficiency test samples for AOAC’s new Cannabis/Hemp Proficiency Testing (PT) program. The partnership was formed to help hemp and cannabis testing laboratories achieve the highest levels of product safety, testing quality, and regulatory compliance through a quality PT program using relevant matrices. With the launch of the program, AOAC became the industry’s only PT provider offering actual >0.3% (low, mid, and high delta-9-THC) cannabis in addition to hemp as a matrix.

The Cannabis/Hemp PT Program was developed based on feedback from over 500 stakeholders representing more than 200 labs, including state regulatory laboratories, industry laboratories, and state and federal agencies, as well as national and international accrediting bodies, through the AOAC Cannabis Analytical Science Program (CASP). 

What sets AOAC PT above other PT providers:

  • AOAC can ship (low, med, and high) delta-9-THC Cannabis across state lines, no other program can.
  • AOAC samples arrive homogeneous and ready to analyze, no spiking required (with competitor programs, spiking by the participating lab is usually required).
  • Scientific Association with many SMEs that participants can reach out to with method or other analytical questions through our Advisory Task Forces and other avenues.

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