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Pope Presents its CBD Crystallization Isolation System

Original story from Pope

Published: Feb 01, 2023   
The Pope CBD extraction machine.

Image credit: Pope

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Pope proudly presents its Benchtop Isolation System complete with a 5-liter crystallizer reactor and a 4-liter nutsche filter-dryer. Each vessel is optimized for its particular function. Circulators with ramping temperature programmability (essential for best results) are provided for both, plus a vacuum pump for the nutsche. The crystallizer’s baffles and mixer design allow proper control of particle sizing and distribution while controlling temperature ramp-down rate. The nutsche is pressurizable for fast filtering and crystal washing and uses a high vacuum in addition to heat for efficient drying, aided by a raising/lowering cake agitator blade. All processing surfaces are 316L SS with pharmaceutical grade polish, units are ASME Sec VIII stamped and certified for safety, (with CRN and CE-PED certification also available).

This same specialized two-vessel technique is long-proven and utilized in pharmaceutical and high-purity specialty chemical processing. At the completion of crystallization, slurry is transferred to the nutsche for filtering, washing, and drying. The crystallizer is meanwhile cleaned and recharged for another cycle and run, thus both vessels are efficiently operating simultaneously. The system may be used with crude extract, but far better purity and yield results occur with distillate material of high 80s to mid 90s in cannabinoid percentage. CBD products beyond 99.9% with undetectable THC can be produced.

The laboratory Benchtop Isolation System can produce up to 1 kg of crystal and is excellent for small special batches, plus learning and applying techniques for CBD crystal production optimization. Pope offers a wide range of sizes and feature levels in turnkey production scale crystallizer/nutsche systems. Distillation and other cannabis processing equipment are also offered.

This article has been republished from materials provided by Pope. Note: material may have been edited for length and content. For further information, please contact the cited source.


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