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PerkinElmer Launches Industry-First CRM Reagent and Consumable Kit to Streamline Cannabis Pesticide Testing Workflows

Original story from PerkinElmer

Published: Mar 19, 2021   

Credit: PerkinElmer

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PerkinElmer recently launched its ONE Pesticide420™ CRM Reagent and Consumable Kit for cannabis & hemp testing. Initially, the kits will support pesticide and mycotoxin testing for cannabis & hemp laboratories following the California, Oregon, or equivalent regulations.

The new kits include certified calibration curves and internal standards, allowing the customer to focus on testing rather than the development of complex preparation procedures for quantitative pesticide and mycotoxin testing. In addition, the kits create a simpler workflow path by providing a second batch of built-in, internal standards to help achieve regulatory compliance faster and easier and to streamline a lab’s supplier mix.

Instead of sourcing and storing a multitude of reagents and consumables from multiple vendors, as well as measuring and diluting multiple stock standards and calibrators, labs using the ONE Pesticide420™ Kit can choose from 77 pesticide and five mycotoxin certified calibration levels and pre-formatted internal standards that are ready-to-use without any modification. In addition, the certified calibrations provide labs further quality assurance because each calibration level is ISO 17034 certified, reducing the risk of experimental error.

“Currently, labs have to source pesticide testing reagents from multiple companies to cover their workflow needs and go through the time to build their own formulas while simultaneously facing immense pressure to reduce the time-to-result at increasingly lower costs,” said Greg Sears, VP and GM of Food & Organic Mass Spectrometry at PerkinElmer. “Our new ONE Pesticide420™ Kit is designed to help labs focus on their testing requirements and not on peripheral lab protocols so that they can achieve their operational and regulatory requirements.”

The new reagent kits are part of a comprehensive PerkinElmer cannabis testing portfolio spanning across safety and quality instruments and lab automation as well as software and services.

This article has been republished from material provided by PerkinElmer. Note: material may have been edited for length and content. For further information, please contact the cited source.


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