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PathogenDx Launches Rapid Bacterial Semi-Quantification Four-in-One Test

Original story from Pathogen Dx

Published: Aug 15, 2023   
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PathogenDx, a leader in next-generation microarray technology for better health and safety, announced the launch of QuantX Bacterial, a new rapid bacterial semi-quantification four-in-one assay that enables cannabis testing labs to efficiently meet any state’s microbial testing regulations. The QuantX Bacterial assay simplifies a lab’s workflow, streamlines compliance reporting, and improves labor efficiency while also delivering results in a single shift without incubation – all off a single platform. PathogenDx has also added the option of manual or automated sample prep to its cannabis testing platform, which includes Quantx Bacterial, Detectx Combined and Quantx Fungal.

QuantX Bacterial provides analysis of total aerobic bacteria, Bile-tolerant, gram-negative bacteria, Enterobacteriaceae, and total coliforms off a single array as opposed to running individualized single-plex tests. For cannabis testing labs’ ease, it offers the capability of semi-quantifying four bacterial broad class indicators plus species-specific detection within each broad class. Its hierarchical PCR design also enables identification of genus, species, family, and kingdom targets. Additionally, each test well contains internal positive control (IPC), allowing for quantification of differential PCR amplification and providing cannabis testing labs with the necessary flexibility for any situation.

“Regardless of whether a lab operates in a single state or multiple states, the launch of QuantX Bacterial into the market now completes the full equation in compliance testing needed to meet regulatory testing requirements, all off our comprehensive D3 Array cannabis testing platform,” said PathogenDx Co-founder and CEO Milan Patel. 

“QuantX Bacterial delivers unrivaled quantitative analysis ease for labs, delivering results within a single shift of sample intake and improving the ROI for clients.”

QuantX Bacterial’s new addition to the PathogenDx platform was developed upon the company’s patented multiplexed molecular testing technology – Dynamic Dimensional Detection (D3 Array) – delivering a new standard in multiplexing, performance, throughput and cost effectiveness.

Comprised of up to 108 probes in triplicate, in a single well, the company’s proprietary D3 Arra™ features a flexible, open, lattice-like architecture that is rich with highly accessible target-probe binding sites. The benefit of this is the ability of amplicon targets to move easily through the 3D structure, locate target probe binding sites, and bind more easily with significantly reduced steric hindrance. Consequently, the duplex pairing hybridization reaction is rapid at room temperature and delivers high sensitivity and specificity results to labs and their clients.

Patel added, “In states that require both detection of pathogen species and quantitation, Quantx Bacterial, Detectx Combined, and Quantx Fungal can be run in tandem off a single sample prep and single analytical platform – one equipment set, one standardized workflow and one reporting system, as opposed to two or three. This not only drives efficiency, but it also reduces consumables, and labor costs, simplifies training and operating procedures, and reduces capital costs to labs. With PathogenDx’s cannabis testing platform, everything works together seamlessly – from testing, to software, to reporting.”

This article has been republished from materials provided by Pathogen Dx. Note: material may have been edited for length and content. For further information, please contact the cited source.


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