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Nova Analytic Labs Launches Hemp CBD Testing Services

Original story from Nova Analytic Labs

Published: Apr 07, 2022   
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Prior to 2022, Nova Analytic Labs has been known primarily as a cannabis testing lab serving hundreds of Maine’s adult-use and medical marijuana companies. The Portland-based laboratory is going above and beyond that in 2022 by enhancing services for industrial hemp customers. While marijuana testing by Nova is currently limited by law to crops and products produced in Maine, the less-regulated industrial hemp CBD category is a nationwide and international marketplace that the lab will tap into.

Unlike medical and adult use marijuana samples which can only be delivered to the Portland lab by qualified individuals in Maine using a manifest, industrial hemp samples can be mailed from other states and countries as long as the products meet the regulatory standards as hemp, and not marijuana. This ease of delivery greatly expands the universe of potential customers, and the CBD-driven hemp industry continues to grow and evolve in many states around the country. Nova also offers a sample pick-up service and drop boxes around Maine, which hemp customers can benefit from.

Nova is offering a free potency/cannabinoid test (value $40) for new hemp customers that create an account. The lab offers very competitive pricing for all the tests that hemp customers are looking for, and that’ll be sure to lure customers from other states. Hemp and CBD customers that are used to waiting weeks for results from labs in other states will like Nova’s 3-day turnaround time for delivering results. Nova offers comprehensive cannabinoid and terpene tests that detect and measure all the key compounds that hemp and CBD companies are interested in. 

Another advantage is that Nova is the only certified cannabis lab in Maine that tests for pesticides. Those substances can be a more common concern for hemp growers due to outdoor hemp crops often grown on land previously used for other large-scale agriculture that could have lingering pesticides, or in a hemp field that may be downwind of conventional farms that use pesticides. Nova is also leading the way in Maine with new virus tests for Hop Latent Viroid (HLVd), LCV and CCV.

Nova takes pride in partnering with customers on product development, as well as troubleshooting issues after lab results have detected a problem. In addition to hemp biomass and flower, Nova has extensive experience working with manufacturers testing value-added products such as CBD edibles, tinctures, distillates, salves and bodycare, and concentrates.  The Nova team’s vast experience working with hundreds of customers and a multitude of scenarios will be beneficial to new hemp customers, many of whom may be growing and processing cannabis of any kind for the first time.

This article has been republished from material provided by Nova Analytic Labs. Note: material may have been edited for length and content. For further information, please contact the cited source.


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