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LabVantage Cannabis Purpose-Built Informatics Solution Previews at 2018 Cannabis Science Conference

Published: Aug 27, 2018   

Image from LabVantage

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LabVantage Solutions previewed its latest industry accelerator, LabVantage Cannabis, at the 2018 Cannabis Science Conference, being held August 27-29, 2018 in Portland, OR. LabVantage Cannabis is a turnkey laboratory information management system (LIMS) that is designed specifically for cannabis testing and certification. LabVantage Cannabis delivers needed functionality today, yet is easily configurable to stay current as regulatory, legal, and commercial requirements evolve.

The U.S. cannabis industry is growing rapidly, with medical marijuana programs operational in 29 states and nine states allowing access to legalized recreational cannabis. Both medical and recreational cannabis must be tested in certified laboratory settings to ensure that it meets high standards of quality and purity; however, states have different and changing requirements governing this testing. Globally, the legal recreational and medicinal cannabis market is also growing, and the regulatory landscape is similarly diverse.

“Our pioneering purpose-built LIMS solutions are specifically tailored for industries where laboratory-certified quality and consistency are essential. We are proud to introduce LabVantage Cannabis to meet the needs of this rapidly growing sector, where our track record of optimized functionality, implementation speed, and cost-effectiveness, and system flexibility are especially needed,” says Ram Velidi, President at LabVantage Solutions. “A pre-configured LIMS deploys up to 75% faster than a conventional system and its purposeful functionality reinforces a consistent, industry-standard workflow to achieve greater efficiency and productivity. LabVantage Cannabis is well-equipped to help cannabis providers manage the rapidly evolving industry environment, providing cost-effective solutions for today with the flexibility to easily incorporate changes over time.”

LabVantage Cannabis is a turnkey web-based, full-featured informatics platform designed to support end-to-end laboratory workflows. It is prepackaged, fully embedded modular capabilities greatly reduce implementation time, effort, cost, and risk. The modular design also invites further configuration and adaptation without the time, cost, and compliance issues of specialized coding. Users can adapt the platform themselves or rely on LabVantage’s professional services team as operations expand or regulatory needs evolve. LabVantage Cannabis is hosted on-premise or in the cloud, giving networked users access to the same information from one secure, easy-to-use system. LabVantage’s global professional services team offers top-rated support services for deployment, training, validation, monitoring, and enhancements.

Key LabVantage Cannabis Highlights:

  • Available through perpetual licensing or SaaS
  • One platform for all tests, instruments, sample information, and results data, with the option to embed ELN, LES, and other modules
  • Registers sample requests, including a portal for remote requests from growers and distributors
  • Fully audited sample lifecycle and audit trail
  • Certificates of Analysis customized for local regulatory requirements
  • Includes American Herbal Pharmacopoeia® tests for Cannabis Inforescense.


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