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In-field THC Test Results in 60 Seconds or Less

Original story from Mariposa Technologies

Published: Aug 17, 2021   
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Mariposa Technology is proud to announce an exclusive technology services agreement with Texas A&M AgriLife to further the development of a powerful, one-of-a-kind digital farming tool.

Professor Dmitry Kurouski of Texas A&M AgriLife Research, and head of Kurouski Laboratory, has successfully used a handheld Raman spectrometer to study various analytes in a wide range of agricultural crops. Mariposa Technology has partnered with Kurouski Laboratory and Texas A&M AgriLife to further the development of this technology, specifically for use by the hemp industry.

US hemp farmers face a unique challenge in meeting the legal threshold of 0.3% total THC content within their plants, or face the complete destruction of their crops. The violation of the 0.3% maximum THC standard is on both the state and federal level (Louisiana House Bill No. 640, Act No. 336). In 2019 and 2020, multiple states reported between 10% - 25% of the hemp crops they regulated and sampled as failing to pass the 0.3% THC standard. (London Gibson, Indianapolis Star - Sulphur Times-Democrat - Donelle Eller, Des Moines Register). The destroyed crops are estimated to have cost farmers tens of millions of dollars in lost earnings.

With better tools to meet this immense challenge, hemp farming will bring what many consider to be the most useful, dynamic, and environmentally friendly crop in the history of agriculture back to its full potential in the U.S. (Pal, L., and Lucia, L. A. (2019). "Renaissance of industrial hemp: A miracle crop for a multitude of products,") We believe this groundbreaking, in-field testing protocol will revolutionize the hemp industry at large.

"Mariposa Technology is proud to partner and collaborate with Texas A&M and Professor Kurouski to help farmers reach their goal of growing profitable, legal hemp crops." stated Mariposa Technology co-founder, John K. Roberts, III. "Partnering with a private company sponsor like Mariposa Technology will help my lab further develop our research on important, scientific developments that directly affect the betterment of agriculture in the U.S." added Professor Kurouski.

While this digital farming tool has exceeded all initial expectations during the first two years of research, additional beta testing is necessary to fully develop a commercial product. For 2021, Mariposa Technology is offering free participation in our study trials to willing farmers and growers. "We highly encourage hemp farmers, as well as indoor growers, to participate in this research trial. We have a limited number of participant slots, and fast-approaching time restrictions, so acting quickly is highly recommended to those who are interested in our groundbreaking technology." stated Mariposa Technology COO, Michael J. Dalle Molle. Any and all interested parties should contact mike@mariposatechnology.com to learn more about our revolutionary testing technology, and to see if they might be a good fit for our research trial.

Mariposa Technology, Inc. is a Metairie, Louisiana-based company led by COO, Michael J. Dalle Molle, along with co-founders Mickal P. Adler and John K. Roberts, III.

This article has been republished from material provided by Mariposa Technologies. Note: material may have been edited for length and content. For further information, please contact the cited source.


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