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Ceres Greenhouse Solutions Begins Constructing First European Cannabis Facility in Portugal

Original story from Ceres Greenhouse Solutions

Published: Apr 17, 2023   
An artist's impression of the Ceres greenhouse.

Image credit: Ceres Greenhouse Solutions

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Ceres Greenhouse Solutions is proud to announce that design has begun on its first European cannabis project, to be built in Portugal for the company EcoCanna LDA. This endeavor is the product of a cultivated five-year partnership with Rabensteiner Italy, Ceres’ manufacturing partner for European projects. 

The cannabis greenhouse design will consist of three Ceres SunChambers plus a headhouse as a production and test facility for future European cannabis projects. The facility has been designed with GACP (good agricultural and collection practices) and GMP (good manufacturing practice) certification in mind and features the EcoPack fully electric HVACD (heating, ventilation and air conditioning and dehumidification) system to complete the 100% sealed cultivation facility.

With the uncertainty of gas supply in Europe over the past year, Ceres’ electric-only high efficiency HVACD systems are a perfect fit for the European greenhouse market. Ceres has been designing electric-only sealed cultivation facilities for over two years and has recognized a major need for European greenhouses since the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the resulting energy issues. Ceres also understands the need to shift towards electricity as it can be a renewable energy source, as opposed to gas which is a limited resource.

Ceres, in conjunction with Silver Bullet Water Treatment, has designed the water filtration, fertigation, and irrigation system, which will be supplied by local European partners based on a decade of experience working in the North American cannabis market. Cannabis facilities require very specific treatment depending on incoming water quality, and Ceres has made the decision that working with our seasoned partners Silver Bullet is worth the investment. 

SunSense controls will manage all aspects of the building, allowing the cultivators along with Ceres’ engineers to continue to perfect environmental conditions and efficiencies over time as the facility continues to operate and improve.

This article has been republished from materials provided by Ceres Greenhouse Solutions. Note: material may have been edited for length and content. For further information, please contact the cited source.


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