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Alconox Inc. Updates Its Aqueous Cleaning Handbook

Original story from Alconox Inc.

Published: Apr 11, 2023   
A picture of the Aqueous Cleaning Handbook.

Image credit: Alconox.

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Alconox Inc. is pleased to make available a new critical cleaning resource titled The Aqueous Cleaning Handbook

The Aqueous Cleaning Handbook, now in its 5th edition, distills and presents practical information covering the history of aqueous detergents – what they are, how they work, and how to make best use of them. 

The Aqueous Cleaning Handbook is written by several senior members of Alconox Inc., a New York-based firm, which continues to be a leading global supplier of aqueous cleaners for laboratory, healthcare, industrial and related applications for over 75 years. These specialists have provided their expertise and insight to craft this latest edition.  Authors included Michael J. Moussourakis, Jeff I. Phillips, Stacy R. Silverstein, and Malcolm C. McLaughlin. 

“We are excited to update The Aqueous Cleaning Handbook for our customers and the wider industry," said lead author, Michael J. Moussourakis, vice president, technical marketing and strategy, at Alconox Inc.  

“With the increasing demand for critical cleaning solutions in various industries, this book is a valuable resource for scientists, engineers, technicians, and everyone involved in the critical cleaning of parts and surfaces.”

Regarding the newest edition, Elliot M. Lebowitz, Alconox Inc.’s chief operating officer, remarked, “The time and effort that our team put into this edition was inspiring. As a partner in this 76-year-old family owned business, it makes me so proud.”

“This is a very approachable handbook with elements for those facing advanced cleaning issues for the first time as well as useful sections for the well-initiated,” added Stuart B. Katz, CEO of Alconox Inc. and lead editor. 

The Aqueous Cleaning Handbook, published by AI Technical Communications, is currently available in digital formats and can be downloaded on the Alconox Inc. website.  

The digital book will also be available from selected distributors including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 

This article has been republished from materials provided by Alconox. Note: material may have been edited for length and content. For further information, please contact the cited source.


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