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Agilent Introduces Solutions to Simplify Cannabis and Hemp Potency and Pesticide/Mycotoxin Testing

Original story from Agilent Technologies

Published: Jul 31, 2020   
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Agilent Technologies recently announced new solutions for the fast-growing cannabis and hemp testing market. The new Agilent eMethods product, as well as the Cannabis and Hemp Potency Kit and the Cannabis Pesticide and Mycotoxin Kit, offer testing labs simple and effective solutions to help them get up and running quickly.  

Developing reliable testing protocols for complex matrices such as cannabis and hemp is arduous and time-consuming, especially for newer laboratories. Agilent eMethods delivers downloadable ready-to-run instrumental methods that establish reliable, efficient protocols with an end-to-end workflow that addresses the different testing needs, and offers guidance on sample preparation, consumables, and supplies. eMethods also provides a complete analytical system configuration for automation, sample introduction, separation, and detection, along with data processing and reporting capabilities. 

“The fledgling market of cannabis and hemp testing has an urgent need for solutions that help ensure efficiency as well as regulatory compliance,” said Monty Benefiel, Agilent Vice President, and General Manager of the Mass Spectrometry Division. “Our new tool—Agilent eMethods—along with the Cannabis and Hemp Potency Kit and Cannabis Pesticide and Mycotoxin Kit gives labs a head start in establishing testing procedures, increasing productivity and profitability, and greatly reducing risk.” 

The Cannabis and Hemp Potency Kit and the Cannabis Pesticide and Mycotoxin Kit assist labs by offering fast setup and simplification of the analysis of the complex matrices involved with cannabis and hemp testing. These cannabis consumables kits include all consumables required, as well as step-by-step instructions, enabling a complete and comprehensive workflow for potency or pesticide/mycotoxin analysis. From sample preparation through to testing, these kits also help labs navigate different regulations and stay up-to-date and compliant.   

“For customers entering the growing cannabis testing market, these innovative kits offer a complete solution with meticulously selected consumables and supplies that ensure not only streamlined operation but a competitive advantage,” said Angelica Riemann, Agilent Vice President, and General Manager of the Chemistries and Supplies Division. “These kits are unique, unlike any other products available in the marketplace today,” Riemann added.

Agilent products and solutions are intended to be used for cannabis quality control and safety testing in laboratories where such use is permitted under state/country law.


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