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Vermont Regulator Stops the Sale of Contaminated Cannabis Flower

By Leo Bear-McGuinness

Published: Feb 06, 2023   
A gloved hand holds a cannabis bud.

Image credit: iStock

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The cannabis regulator in Vermont has stopped the sale of a particular flower product after tests found the cannabis contained a fungicide.

Vermont’s Cannabis Control Board (CCB) issued its notice on February 2 to warn consumers about purchasing and smoking Holland Cannabis flower.

The CCB “has verified” that multiple samples of Holland Cannabis flower tested above the action limits for myclobutanil, a chemical used as a fungicide.

“The CCB is actively investigating this report and coordinating with other state agencies to gather information on the potential health impacts of smoking flower contaminated with myclobutanil,” the CCB said in a statement.

Given the potential risks associated with smoking myclobutanil (rash, abdominal pain, vomiting, etc.), the CCB is advising that any consumers who have purchased the flower should return it to the dispensary they bought it from.

A label of a Holland Cannabis flower product. Image credit: The Vermont CCB.

Any consumer that has experienced symptoms from exposure, according to the CCB, should seek medical attention or call a poison control center, and report the event to the CCB by submitting a complaint through the CCB website.

“The CCB is actively investigating this incident and will issue the appropriate health and safety orders in the coming days and will impose the appropriate regulatory actions upon completion of its investigation.”

Vermont’s legal recreational cannabis market launched in October 2022, four years after personal possession of adult-use cannabis was legalized by the state governor.


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