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Twitter Allows Cannabis Ads in the US

By Leo Bear-McGuinness

Published: Feb 16, 2023   
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Twitter has become the first major social media platform to allow cannabis companies to advertise their products and services in the US.

Previously, recreational cannabis companies have been allowed to have a presence on Twitter (as well as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok) but weren’t permitted to pay for advertisements on the site, unlike companies that only produce and sell hemp-derived CBD products.

The new rules mean US Cannabis companies will be able to market themselves on Twitter as long as they are licensed, pass through the company’s approval process, only target jurisdictions where they are licensed to operate, and don’t target people younger than 21.

Cannabis companies operating in Canada were already allowed to advertise to Canadian Twitter accounts and viewers.

Twitter’s decision to extend this option to certain US companies has largely been welcomed within the country’s legal cannabis industry.

“This is a welcome and overdue moment for the industry,” Ashley Fields, senior vice president of marketing and communications at the cannabis beverage company Cann, said in a statement.

“Advertising plays a significant role in our culture and Twitter’s announcement shows behaviors and conversations are trending in favor of normalization, legalization and frankly, ‘substance equality’ reflecting where cannabis vs alcohol can advertise. We’re thrilled with the announcement and Cann’s marketing will not only continue to push boundaries as we market our product, but also as we challenge norms, stereotypes, and outdated ways of thinking.”


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