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Taking Cannabis Extracts to the Next Level with Customizable Terpene Profiles

Published: Apr 13, 2018   
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Jmîchaeĺe Keller, President and CEO of Steep Hill and Nadav Eyal, Co-founder and CEO of Eybna Technologies Ltd, have announced that the companies have jointly launched Delta™, producing custom terpene formulations for incorporation into cannabis-derived products. Delta™ enables brands and manufacturers to customize and augment the terpene experience to realize a best-use profile for their customers. Initially, Delta™ will be available in California, Washington, New Mexico, Hawaii, and Maryland, with numerous states and countries coming on-line in 2018.

Steep Hill is the global leader in cannabis science, testing, and analytics. Eybna is a global leader in the research and development of terpene-based solutions, with the mission of bringing a native product experience to users of extracted and processed cannabis products by addition of terpenes. The partnership will enable Steep Hill's expertise in analytical testing for cannabis and cannabis-derived products to customize Eybna's production of terpene formulations for optimizing the medical benefits of cannabis.

Delta™ allows customers to recreate and restore the full plant terpene profile and can be used in any oil-based cannabis product, restoring the potency of the authentic flower to the convenience of extracts. Studies in cannabis science indicate that the relative potencies of terpenoids and cannabinoids in flower differ significantly from those in concentrates—cannabis extractions have a meaningfully changed chemotypical fingerprint than those of cannabis flower in its natural form. Delta™ offers customers the whole-flower experience with the convenience of a concentrate and a consistency that no other company can match.

"This is a transforming moment for both companies and fits our mission to expand more complete access to adult-use customers and medical patients around the world. Through this process concentrates can be infused with made-to-order terpene formulations, bringing together the essential materials lost during the extraction process to vaporizers, tinctures, oils, and edibles. Contemporary cannabis science estimates over 400 terpenoids specific to cannabis—including myrcene, caryophyllenes, and pinene, whose medicinal and therapeutic qualities are well-documented," said Steep Hill CEO Jmîchaeĺe Keller in making the announcement. "Instead of covering up the missing terpenes with an artificial flavoring, Delta provides customers the unique qualities, taste, aroma, and medical effects of the whole-flower strain they're looking for in concentrates, and the assurance that every purchase will deliver the consistency they've come to expect."

Eybna CEO Nadav Eyal remarked, "Delta™ is a unique core-technology for the production of consistent cannabis oil products, based on science and accurate analytics combined with formulating expertise.

All of our terpenes are derived from natural, non-cannabis plant origins that are chemically identical to the materials lost during the extraction process of cannabis. Delta™ is assembled with the highest purity, top-quality natural terpenes to enable a consistent experience, product after product, batch by batch. Customers will have the capability to not only restore, but to adjust any terpene formulation, creating brand-specific, tailored terpene batches, thereby offering consumers enhanced therapeutic qualities.

Instead of the difficulty and expense of bringing analytic and formulation experts to your in-house operation to restore terpene profiles to your products, we effectively bring the experts to you. Delta™ core-technology of testing and formulation will allow you to match the distinctive qualities of any cannabis strain, for a customer experience that's inimitable, consistent, and as unique as they are."

This article has been republished from materials provided by Steep Hill. Note: material may have been edited for length and content. For further information, please contact the cited source.


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